How good is Aesthetix audio?

Aesthetix audio always seems to run under the radar. They have been around for awhile but don’t seem to get a lot of attention. Here on Audiogon, they seem to pop up here and there, but never with any consistency. I have always heard good things about them but how do they stack up against their peers? Their top of the line Eclipse range has always fascinated me, especially their power amps, but kinda risky not having ever heard one or even knowing much about their sound. 


My favorite dealer, Audioconnection, sells them, so they must be good. He is a member here, so why not PM him? (And, he give great advice without trying to sell you something).


I have the Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse CD Player and it's awesome, especially with some great NOS Tubes...totally agree with talking to John R at Audio Connection...

The Aesthetix room at AXPONA 2019 was among my top few for natural sounding hi-fi. They were running their Mimas integrated amp into a pair of Aerial speakers, 7t or 6t if I remember right.