How good is Emotiva 2 channel gear??

How does Emotiva compare to NAD, Adcom, Parasound, McIntosh, Classe? Notice that I have included mid-fi and hi-fi...Is their gear really that good for so low a price??
I was recently interested in learning more about the XPA 2 amp. I emailed the Emotiva techs wanting ALL the specs. I fully understand knwoing all the specs does not define the sound of an amp. Thier site does not list all the specs. I am still waiting after sending this request two weeks ago.
For 2 channel audio I say give the Emotiva USP-1 a shot. It was reviewed here not too long ago by A'gon member Ferrari who did a very detailed and thorough review.

I use it in my 2nd system with very good results. I don't think it can take down Classe or McIntosh but for a little over $300 used and under $500 new it is quite a treat.
Nordic: I received a very quick response from the Sales Department. It was regarding the crossover section of the USP-1, incidentally. Identify yourself as a prospective buyer with follow-up questions to the available literature. I know it's a tech question, but prompt email communication is really a sales thing.
I had mixed results with their mono block amps; I felt the sound was definitely on the solid state side, a touch grainy and bright... The NAD amps that I have owned all sounded better to me than the Emotiva....
To all I have worked modding electronics for years .For $800 the Xpa 2 is a good deal,BUT it is grainy , if you replace the 7 fuses with Hifitung Supreme fuses for$300 the quality is at least 15% better and worth it .The Odyssey Stratos amp especailly the plus,or extreme is far better even the standards Stratos is .Not as much power but night and day better parts quality and much higher damping factor for control as well as much more current delivery .
I A B these just stock and the Odyssey is far more refined and is 160wpc and 250into 4 ohms.watts mean little the quality and the current capabilitys on demand is far more important ,and this includes NAD too soft,and they also have nowhere the continuous current .The use terms like
peak current meaning for a fraction of a second. The Odyssey is even steady into 2 ohms!!