How good is good enough?

Most of us here cannot afford six figure prices for each component (assuming that will bring the best sound.) So how far do we want to go to improve our systems? There are always bigger fish. When does it stop? It stops when we say it stops, when our gear brings us satisfaction. To constantly strive for better sound is an endless quest, not necessarily based on the quality of our set but on our personality.


My 'good enuf' was when I had to accept the fact (OCD or not) that I had probably optimized the only room I had which would accomodate my audio habits.  Since I designed my house I felt I was stuck with it, and I am. But I'm happy. :-)

I just reached mine yesterday adding a second sub to my stand mounted integrated amp driven CD player. I started when I was 20 now 75.

Now I gotta focus on increasing my hearing range, which begs the question what is listening thru hearing aids like?

"More than 40% of people over 70 have difficulty hearing, compared to around 5% of people under 40. On average, the hearing threshold worsens by one decibel every year after the age of 50."


I'm confronted with this question often; but my answer is hopefully never. When that day comes, I'm no longer interested in audio.  But that doesn't mean I run out and buy more or different stuff.  I tweak my room, move my speakers, reconfigure my racks, reorganize my records and CDs, check that my stuff has the latest firmware, and on and on. 

To me the fun is in engaging with the environment and the equipment.  May I never be fully satisfied.



Some people here double down as if it was a game and ask and even thanks for never being satisfied ,😁 is it not incredible ?

It is like in front of a rational task to do and asking to do the same mistakes  without end ...

Myself i asked few years ago BEFORE my audio journey to reach the shore of acoustical satisfaction ... i did it as said my motto : minimal acoustical satisfaction at low cost ...

You know why ?

You cannot own thousand and thousand of albums and own a 100,000 bucks system at the same time and thousand of books if you are not "Dr." Bill Gates

I listen music with my gear not the reverse ...

And what is fun in this journey is not buying 50 amplifiers etc but to learn acoustic and learn the way to embed any system .. When the basic is done your audio journey is over ... Repeating the same mistakes without understanding anything is madness ... Or you are a billionnaire collecting high cost gear instead of music and books ...

Anybody with big money anyway know that room acoustic done by a pro acoustican designer cost more than a high end system .. Learn basic and do it yourself, even imperfectly done it will be amazing for S. Q. and as learnings ... And you will reach the shore of the minimal acoustic satisfaction which is bliss with music not a stop gap as obsessive collectors will point out ...