How good is good enough?

Most of us here cannot afford six figure prices for each component (assuming that will bring the best sound.) So how far do we want to go to improve our systems? There are always bigger fish. When does it stop? It stops when we say it stops, when our gear brings us satisfaction. To constantly strive for better sound is an endless quest, not necessarily based on the quality of our set but on our personality.


@rvpiano It’s very easy to go down the rabbit hole if you listen for defects instead of listening to the music.

Agree with this statement by rvpiano. Also, I'm observing once again why its important to give a new system or new components time to settle in.  Its not always  about 'just getting use to it". There can be change that occurs, given the chance. 

Patience helps from jumping out of one rabbit hole to another rabbit hole.