how high is the drop test at ups?

just got a new set of high quality bookshelf speakers. one is doa. so i looked inside and the xover is snapped from the terminals and has a corner cracked off. i have never seen this before. there is no damage to the box. i wonder how this could happen. it looks like a powerful force must have developed even tho the crossover is heavy duty and weighs more than many.
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UPS guidelines require a package to be able to sustain a 3 foot fall, but when you add a 'fragile' sticker, they push it to 6 or more feet!

Basically I figure if it can't bounce to the address it won't make it with UPS.

I like FedEx ground better and when shipping heavy items go with a freight company as big amps will tear through a double box easily with a small drop.
Always assume your package will be handled in the Jim Carrey "HDS Delivery Man" fashion, and pack accordingly.


One set of high quality bookshelf speakers =
Amana double-wide refrigerator box + 500' roll bubble-wrap
Is there such a thing as, "Gorilla-Proofing?" I have only succeded in making packages, "Gorilla-Resistant", thus far. They do have a great tracking system though.