How high is your soundstage?

I have been having a lot of trouble getting my soundstage to sound the way I like it. Almost all of the systems I have heard generates a soundstage that is 1-5ft above the speaker itself. I really like this as it helps to make the speakers disappear. Sound seems to come from behind and to the sides of the speakers. Everytime I hear my friend's setup, I go home frustrated. In my setup, the soundstage is right at the tweeter level. To me, too much music is coming directly from the speakers. I do not hear anything behind or to the sides of speakers. In other words, my soundstage is narrow and shallow! I have tried a lot of different speaker/sitting positions to no avail. Nothhing I do raises the soundstage. I am pretty sure its my room.

So out of curiosity, I would like to know how high is your soundstage? Is it at tweeter height or above? If above, how much above?
Im guessing you have already done this when setting up your speakers but maybe not. Have you tried playing with the rake? In my new smaller room(not pictured on my system)with the speakers raked to the front i gained about 6"-10" of height. Now vocals are around 5'-0" to 5'-6" from the floor. Just a thought.
try not to be too concerned about soundstage. real music doesn't present a soundstage in the manner audiophiles perceive it or talk about it.

if you enjoy the spectral balance and the timbre of the instruments, you have accomplished a lot.
soundstage height should not be 5' above speaker. one of the most disappointing demo I heard was Wilson X-1 that made any singers 8' tall. if the singer appears to be 5' tall from the floor, your stage height should be fine. you can tilt the speakers up further to create a taller stage height as well.

adding tube amp to the chain will also create that holographic sound you are looking for, that's why I have lots of tubes in my system because most SS sounds flat to me.
Depends on how many drinks or puffs you have while cranking Dark side of the moon!
Semi-I too was disappointed with a demo of Wilsons i had heard. It was the Alexandria X-2s that didnt portray correct height for me. The salesman put on Tools "Undertow" that I had with me. Maynard sounded as if he was singing down to me, which is very incorrect being as he is a very short guy. This was the first time i had heard a speaker of that size and being used to smaller setups it is possible that maybe that is how it was meant to be recorded, but i have my doubts. Maybe someone else has experienced this with this recording.