How hot is too hot?

I run a Creek Classic 5350 SE integrated that gets up to around 105 degrees or so in the cabinet. It's not an ideal cabinet, for sure, but I'm dealing with it as a constraint. Does anyone know how hot is too hot? I know that servers and computer equipment really should not be run that hot if you expect them to last. What about audio amps?

thank you all. that is what i guessed, but it was hard to find the info. that's why we all love the 'gon...
105 degrees ? Thats nothing, celcius yes, but I can guarantee the amp would not be working.. I would guess most amps get well into the 110 plus for normal operating temps...
I have a 50W Linar Class A amp....runs warm. I can keep my hands on the heatsinks all day long. This is my first class a design amp, so I personally have no experience other than a friends Classe class A design amp, wich could fry small animals at 2 feet away!