How Important is Getting Your Rack Out

of Between Your Speakers?
Is getting a long cheap interconnect the way to go, is that better than keeping the rack in the middle

I have my rack off to the side, & my power amp in between the speakers. It "looks" much better that way too, IMO, if that matters. I don't even have real expensive IC's to the amp, & I think my system sounds fantastic. And I know it's not about looks, but if you have a great looking expensive power amp, it's nice to "show it off" by placing it between the speakers.

Oh, & whatever extra you spend on IC's to the amp, you can save by using shorter spkr. cables......
Swapping my 32" Trinitron + stand for front projection was the best thing I ever did for my sound-stage (speakers 8' apart and 4' off the front wall).