How important is it for you to attain a holographic image?

I’m wondering how many A’goners consider a holographic image a must for them to enjoy their systems?  Also, how many achieve this effect on a majority of recordings?
Is good soundstaging enough, or must a three dimensional image be attained in all cases.  Indeed, is it possible to always achieve it?


 2018 and no soundstage yet? It's hard (impossible, frightening) for me to entertain the thought of stereo playback without it's soundstage. It's hard for me to imagine not playing fullrange, or having a system that doesn't play, fully, all of my recordings. When I read people saying they have part and not able to get all, it makes me wonder what are they waiting on.

Only getting part of stereo would be torture for me.

Michael Green

I think once you've heard it, it's difficult to go back. Recorded studio music can be frustrating if vocals are slightly off, whereas with live music you have a visual reference and can accept the positioning. Closed eyes and revelling in the positioning of well reproduced music is bliss. 
Is imaging important? The word itself, "stereo" is from the Latin and refers to solid or 3-dimensional. The word itself derives from the ability of two properly positioned speakers to create the illusion of a solid sound source distinct from those two speakers. 

Sound stage, image, focus- all these terms derive from stereo.

Imaging goes right to the heart of why we use two speakers at all.

On the other hand, for anyone who doesn't care about the whole reason this industry exists, you can save an awful lot on speakers! Half off!
"A low noise floor is required for holographic imaging. This  improves dynamics, transparency, depth."   Lowrider

Yes, lowering the noise floor brings forth more bottom end, wider soundstage and more inner detail---a lot more, and in layers not heard before. This is when information pop out to create depth. What has transformed my system can be read about in the thread "Perfectpathtechnologies-Omega E mat".  See my posts on last page.  Read the whole thread---the real deal.  

@jerrysfinger  I agree that once you have it it's hard to go back.But I can enjoy music without it at other people's houses,in the car,etc.Just not at home.It's just thrilling to listen with closed eyes and get lost in the illusion.