How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?

I have a situation where my speakers are different distances from my amp. Would it be wrong to pair a 3-meter cable to one speaker and a 2-meter cable to the other or is it really just a theoretical issue? Many thanks in advance for your thoughts!

This forum…..first answer:  absolutely no problem.   Second answer: oh my god no. Third answer: perhaps yes perhaps no.  Unbelievable. 
I personally cannot stand the Audiohaulics guy.  His videos are unwatchable to me.  But if you trust him…..
Don’t do different length…otherwise you always will fill stigmatized time to time…also when you will be ready for upgrade experiments, same length cables are much easy to sell.
I’ve always used the same length. The draw back is one cable may have to be coiled, the one nearest to your components or rack. Alternatively, the cable could be looped I suppose. However, I do not detect any detrimental effect on the sound by coiling. I'm a perfectionist, so I am compelled to use the same length, whether I hear a difference or not.