how important is linestage preamp with vinyls only

Want to get some ideas from folks on this subject.
If I only (almost) listen to vinyls - how important is the line stage pre-map in the setup if I have a phono stage?
Currently I have CJ PV12 with phono where the end sound greatly depends on what 12AX7 are installed. Now suppose I go to PR16LS or anything else and the stand alone phono stage where I will have 12AX7 or some others in the phono. So my question - is the pre-amp that important in the vinyl-only scenario? Or if not I guess I should think more about the phono stage itself? What are your thoughts?
Thank you
AVS9 , All the suggestions in the above posts will help you achieve nirvana but prior spending your $$$ I would suggest getting your turntable away from the rear corner and moving your speakers further into the room and away from the side walls.You may find this is all you need to allow you to just sit and listen.Upgrades can be done in the future after you find the proper placement for your speakers and turntable.
Really nice equipment for starting only one year ago.
Take your time, your on the right track
Thank you all, very much appreciate the feedback.

Ed - why move the TT from the corner?
And about the speakers - the nirvana room is pretty small - 14 x 11. What distance in your opinion I should maintain between the wall and the speaker in this speakers corner?
Thank you
The corners will collect the greatest bass power, which in turn could cause resonance in your turntable, especially since iti is not a suspended model. Getting the speakers out into the room a little, and out of a corner, will tend to smooth out the bass and add some air to the sound.

Another arm you might look for is an Alphason HR100 or Xenon. classic style, titanium arm.
Only listening will determine the preferred placement for your speakers but I would start by bringing them forward from the 14' wall,6-7 feet apart measured from the center of each speaker.
This would be a starting point.Your room is small but great sound can be achieved.
If you have the capability to move your turntable further down the wall away from the corner you may also find improvement.
Part of the enjoyment of this hobby is trying to find the IMPOSSIBLE SOUND before we are committed.
Have fun