How important Is shielding with RCA wires? (Ethan Winer, new video)

Mr. Winer is out with a new video. FYI.



I looked and it warned me it was an elicit site. Gezzzz Like I need that image in my head. McAfee saved me from 6 weeks of Prozac and electroshock therapy. 

It could lead to a self inflicted lobotomy if left untreated. :-)


The main thing I learned in this thread is that @oldhvymec certainly doesn't need to drink! He enjoys life while intoxicated on life ;-)

Thanks, I'll take that as a true complement. Being awfully Irish can be rough on just about everything. I'll give the ol liver a break. :-)

Others claim I'm ticking for a reason. They think it's a count down, I assure them it's a homemade analog pacemaker. External PS with silver wire that is gold plated in PTFE and silicone. I just turned it up after a battery swap.

Huston we have lift off, the clock is running. :-)


@oldhvymec ..."Houston we have lift off, the clock is running. :-)"

You're having fun, and that's what matters most!  ☑ :)