How important is the cable between the SUT and phono pre?

I know when using a cable between a MM cartridge and the phono pre it's very important to take into account the capacitance of the cable for cartridge loading.

I don't recall seeing a discussion on the importance of using low capacitance cables between a SUT and  phono pre.  

I picked up a Denon Au-340 to replace my Denon AU-320 in my system and the AU-320 has built in cables that run to the phono pre, hence my question.

Is there a way to figure out the capacitance requirement for this cable or is it not that important? Will a good shielded cable work fine?

I don't want suggestions on some high dollar cables, that will never happen. I have about 15 or 20 pairs of cables that I picked up over the years, I can always go through the pile and measure the capacitance if necessary.





After reading this thread I am glad my Parasound JC3 Jr. phonostage obviates the need for a SUT with my  .4mV output cartridge.


Don't know if this will help, but resistance is a DC measurement in Real Numbers, while impedance is an AC measurement in Complex Numbers. Capacitance and inductance both have non-zero imaginary components, and analysis in this domain requires Complex Arithmetic and/or calculus on the Complex Plane.

This isn't particularly hard, but it does require some exposure to the ideas.

So this AU-340 sat on the sidelines for a few months and I just hooked it up with a nice quality 18" shielded interconnect. Wow, sounds spectacular with my retipped Denon DL-103S that Steve at VAS did for me. Used an elliptical stylus on the original cantilever, don't even have the alignment spot on yet. Listening to Willie Nelson, never sounded so good!