How is Devialet Expoert 1000 PRO's value???? good?

Hi guys,

if you have been listen to Devialet Expert PRO 1000 and other HIGH END amps int he similar price range, can you please share you opinion?

- What do you think about the Sound quality of Devialet Expert 1000 PRO for its price?
- Do you think it is performance in the High End amp category?
- How it performs when compare to other High End amplifier like  Mcintosh, MBL, TAD, Absolare, VS etcs?
- Any weekness you found in its sound performance? 
- Any better deal than it for its price range?

Thanks for your comments!!!
I heard this amp paired with Magnepans at a local dealer. It sounded similar to every other class D amp I've heard in that it was somewhat cold and clinical (don't know how else to describe it). If you like other class D designs, then I doubt you can go wrong with the Devialet. It had surgical precision and clarity, but no groove factor. 

I thought the Parasound gear I auditioned that day was near as good with resolution and imaging, but had a warmer, more inviting sound. Of course, it's all subjective but that was my experience. 
@helomech, thanks for your input. The Devialet is a Class A and D Hybrid, you don't feel any better than a pure class D amp?
I've heard at least one other amp that was class A input and D output. The result was similar. I also owned a Rogue Pharaoh, which is a tube/class D hybrid. I've concluded that class D sound (as I hear it) is partially a function of the output topology. The best (and warmest) class D amps I've encountered were hybrids, so I'd believe that both input and output sections have a significant influence. The same goes for full tube vs. hybrid tube/SS. A full tube amp sounds quite different from the hybrids I've encountered.

Some people like the class D sound, and for those who do, and have significant discretionary funds, the Devialet is a good performing product. I've heard several integrateds and separates systems that I felt performed just as well for much less, but they're heavy, bulky and power hungry in comparison. 
Hi @helomech,

Will you say within similar price range, class A is so much better than the Devialet ? I don't have any experience in class A amp or any other type of hybrid except Devialet's ADH.

Nowadays Class D has been improved a lot, I heard many people said it almost hard to say which one is better.

Here's an interesting article on class D:

This stuff really comes down to personal preference. By no means have I heard every iteration of class D, but I've heard quite a few and to my ears, none are as sonically satisfying as a pure class A or tube amp. I also prefer class AB in most cases. I recently heard an implementation of the NCore module (mentioned in the article above) in a newer NAD integrated. It was better than some of what's out there, but to my ears, still suffered from some of the same old class D faults, most notably, a sort of digital-like glare. It's a bit like the difference between an LP on a high-end analog rig and a CD of the same recording. It's difficult to put into words, but when I listen to class D based setups, I have a hard time relaxing. I'm probably in a minority these days, so I wouldn't read too much into my opinions. This is simply my take on the Devialet after a fairly short audition. It was good in most respects but just didn't emulate the sound of other topologies to my ears.

I only heard this amp with some Magnepan 1.7is. In contrast to many reviews, I feel those speakers are overrated, so they may very well have been the bottle neck in the system. The Parsound Halo integrated was capable of 95% of the same sonic strengths. It gave up a tiny bit of resolution and separation in exchange for smoothness and warmth. I much preferred the sound of the Halo in that comparison, as I was able to relax and focus on the music rather than the gear. Based on all my subsequent auditions of various options, I think a more appropriate price for the Devialet would be $5 to $10k, that's assuming one likes its presentation.