How is Devialet Expoert 1000 PRO's value???? good?

Hi guys,

if you have been listen to Devialet Expert PRO 1000 and other HIGH END amps int he similar price range, can you please share you opinion?

- What do you think about the Sound quality of Devialet Expert 1000 PRO for its price?
- Do you think it is performance in the High End amp category?
- How it performs when compare to other High End amplifier like  Mcintosh, MBL, TAD, Absolare, VS etcs?
- Any weekness you found in its sound performance? 
- Any better deal than it for its price range?

Thanks for your comments!!!

$5-10K, for the Devialet Expert 1000 PRO? or 220 PRO? I think 5K USD for 1000 PRO probably too cheap? Can you name a product that is 5-10K for the similar performance?

I never had a Class A so I want to find out if its worth to spend the effort for a change. Selling always a bit lost..
Yes, I was referring to the 1000 Pro. I heard some Exposure 3010S2 separates shortly after my audition with the Devialet and thought that system was better, but that was with different speakers in a different room.

If you're seriously considering the Devialet, I highly recommend you audition some other options first. After my experiences with Devialet products, I'm inclined to think of them as more of a marketing company than a Hi-Fi company.