How is Mid Fi defined?

I've noted on several threads that there are references to Mid Fi vs. Hi Fi, but I doubt there is much agreement on what qualifies a system as Mid Fi vs. Hi Fi.

To keep this fun, let's phrase it this way:

You might own a Mid Fi system if...
This has been fun for me to read because I have been surrounded by "hi fi" all my life. While the thread is about "mid fi" what I think about most in reading these posts is how the definition of "hi fi" has changed among those who care about it since the time the term was first coined. I am starting a new thread about that.
Yesterdays/yesteryears Hi-fi.When you can buy it for 10% of it's original price tag and still really enjoy it.
*I would also define it as audio gear that is two tiers down from higher-fi.
*It's a special spouse-friendly euphemism for any piece of heinously-expensive gear that can be snuck into a system and passed off as an innocuous addition that one can feign a lukewarm attitude toward. (The male equivalent to: "That old thing? Oh, that's been in the family for years, honey".)