How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits

I just stumbled upon this website and they have branded products such as Nordost and Audioquest at about 10% of the normal retail.  How is this even possible and if they are indeed fakes, how come companies like Nordost do not sue them? Truly puzzling.


Why.......of course, they’re counterfeit cables. There’s a gentleman of youtube who has acquired several of the fake, Chinese made cables, which are sold on-line on AliExpress, and proceeds to dissect them in order to demonstrate and confirm their inauthenticity. The gentleman points out the differences between the fake and the authentic cables. The gentleman also proceeds to audition and evaluate the fake cable in his own system. The gentleman states that the fake cables are exceptionally built, and their sound quality in his system, although obviously not on par with the real thing, are still some of the best he’s heard.  And boy do those fake cables look good.

Nordost selling a cable for $60k is not a scam if you believe that it makes your system sound better.

It is also true that no one will be able to rank any group of high-end cables by price, and you could probably include a few quality made Chinese knockoffs in that group along with them.

The question you have to ask about the fakes is, are they made as described in the product description details? If they are-- they just might be decent cables.

Honestly, anyone that believes they’re getting a real value for spending $60k on a cable, and has the money to do it -- well I’m pretty sure you’re what Nordost calls "a perfect customer".

Using excellent cables is important in any highly resolving audio system-- and a lot of cable companies take advantage of that situation by pricing their products crazy high -- because confirmation bias can be, with the right marketing, a gold mine.

What’s crazy to me, is not that there are fakes out there, but how many reviews I have read about how great they sound.