How is your many titles in your digital collection

This thread is spawned from what I believe to be misleading information being passed on us by the RIAA. So please post how many titles you have in your digital collection be sure to break it down by format. For example mine would be:

2000+ Redbook
250+ SACD
150 DVDv
0 DVDa

Please don't get into heated debate about this and please everyone who has a digital collection post your results as to create a wide and diverse audiophile "cross-section" and if you analog people want to include vinyl that number I guess we can let it slide :)
Almost 400 Redbook CD
About 100 DVD's

Still growing. I have also decided to stop buying copy protected CD's just as a matter of principle.
Herman! I'm not bragging...can't you see I've got a serious problem. The fridge is going to have to go!
1,000 Cd's
100 DVD's

I am evaluating if I should start a vinyl collection or a SACD one. Every single person I have talked to told me to move to vinyl. They see in SACD's the fate of Sony's Mini Disk in the early 90's.
The last time I had to count our CDs was just after they all got stolen. I'm guessing again now: 350.

No SACD, no DVD-A.

They didn't steal any vinyl last time so I didn't have to count it.