How Long Did It Take You To Build Your Dream Setup?

I hope this isn't too off topic, but I'm curious as to how long it has taken to build your dream setup? I'm on the ever long hunt for MORE and BETTER and I think I need some other users perspective as my neurotic brain is on the hunt monthly for upgrades. 
I'll let you know when I get there!  I'm pretty happy with what I have, but it's a hobby, which implies that you're doing something.  Maybe the hobby will evolve at some point to just sitting back and listening, but for now it still involves experimenting and trying to get the most enjoyment out of the system.
It took about 10 years of trial. Haven't changed anything significant in last10 years. Dartzeel and Evolution Acoustics the reason
are you asking how many times i’ve told my wife or friends that i’m done?

done buying more gear?
satisfied with the sound i have?
bought my last turntable?
my last cartridge?

it’s a big number.

might get bigger.

honestly right now at 68 years, 9 months, 6 days.......old.....that’s how long it took me to get this far and i do own my dream system for now.

more seriously; since my later life (after the kids left the house) hifi focus started in 1994 (26 years ago) it took me 9 years to get to a finish line point for my system in my old room.......but then saw my limited space as a barrier to reaching my i moved in 2003 to my current house with a separate barn with unlimited space..........and built this new room and it took me until 2016 (12 years) to really get things fully worked out in the new room. but in both cases my expectations were very high and my commitment was complete.

dream system time depends on how big you dream. and your personal learning curve.