How long do speakers last?

I ask because I have an opportunity to buy a pair of Von Schweikert VR-33's for an insanely good price. I get it: "it depends how hard they have been driven", but judging by the condition they were very nicely taken care of. My only concern is that will need repairs in the future whereas I could just spend that money on new speakers. On the other hand they sound fantastic. Just curious about the lifespan. They'd be a nice upgrade from my Klipsch bookshelves / sub combo.


Purchased the Altec Lansing A7-8 VOT speakers in 1974, outside of refreshing the cabinets the drivers, crossovers and horns have never been touched. Kept out of direct sunlight and never abused. 

My Acoustat Spectra 33's were built in 1988. 35 years old. I had the interfaces rebuilt last year, but the panels seem indestructible. I had the interfaces rebuilt as an upgrade, not because they weren't working . 

Enjoy the Music 

I have an RCA Photophone Shearer horn that has original drivers from 1938 it still sings and amazes even jaded audio designers. I have a lot of drivers and speakers from the 1940s to the early 1970s that are all matching specs. It depends on the build modern loudspeakers with their polymers and ferrofluids do not last that long figure 15-20 years most would need service before that time frame. Sure they may play but the fluids dried up in VC and the modern plastics break down capacitor values may also have shifted with age thus not meeting specs  

I bought my Kappa 7's off the sales floor (last pair in store) in 1990. 3 wives, 2 kids, 5 houses, 2 dogs, dozen cats, 4 integrated amps, 2 TT, 1/2 dozen tape decks, more cd players than I can count, 3 re foams later, and they are still my daily drivers. 

I'm so sorry @ieales, I guess you are a FAR BETTER expert on the freaking sound of the speakers in my house that I've listened to for 35 years and you've heard, um.....never.  Thanks for educating my ears.  As hard as it is to believe, some speakers that aren't used everyday or every month, are constantly cleaned and dusted even if not used, are kept in a 100% smoke-free environment and always kept in a climate controlled area, can have the internal components last WAY LONGER than expected.  Or, maybe I'm just lucky.


@secretguy -- I'm absolutely not letting them sit!  In the last two months I set up a 4th listening room in the house with the Polk Audio 10's.  I wanted to put together a simple system to play music with new gear I've bought over the last 4 years and never unboxed, so I hooked up a BlueNode Streamer and a Fluance RT-85 turntable with a Sutherland KC Vibe phono preamp to a Reisong A-10 tube integrated amp.  Perfect synergy with the old school Polk's.