How long do you or should you keep your gear.

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My main desktop speakers are KEF 103.2s (circa ~1984). The caps were redone by the 1st owner. Other than that, they’re mint--and spectacular. The amp is a 250 wpc class d design (Wyred4Sound ST-500)...a terrific match:

My twin brother still uses and loves my old lit-up Pioneer integrated amp (50 wpc) from 1978. It needed fixing in the mid-’80s and has been golden ever since.

But all the headphone stuff is newer...because most of the developments in headphone audio came later.

Horses for courses...

You should keep your gear till you can afford something better or no longer enjoy the sound.

Always buy the best equipment that you can afford.

Most people will be satisfied if they buy the best.

joe nies

When something moves within your audio system (cd player/turntable) you may have to replace them, as parts failure may render them obsolete.  But if you have really well made speakers that you enjoy then I think you are fooling yourself as to how much you will have to spend to exceed their sound.  I have Thiel CS 6's.  I feel that I would have to spend about 14,000 or more to find current speakers that would be better.  No thanks.  I also own Krell KCT and Krell FPB 300cx.  When parts are replaced and recapped they are the equal of amps that cost way more today.  So unless somebody can convince me through listening that Item A is so much better and doesn't cost a mortgage payment, then I am content to stay with my very good sounding system that is completely full of discontinued pieces.

Still using and enjoying JR149 loudspeakers from 1978. I have recapped them and recently replaced the scuppered foam grills for the 2nd time. In my main system which is largely Naim and dCS the SBL speakers 135 power amps and 2 x Hicap power supplies are 25 years old. They have been serviced and sound glorious to my ears. My dCS digital stack are the old classic series 15 years old. No need imho to keep chasing what's new. HiFi should imho be an investment - not here today and gone tomorrow. Anyway enjoy what you have NOW.