How long do you think it will take

for new and used sales prices of components made in China to collapse because nobody wants them? To judge by the level of denial I'm thinking by the end of the year. But curious to know if people think it might come even sooner than that?
You can add in the hope that he won't ship even more scarce medical supplies to China when it comes back for its encore. Hey, do you think that as punishment, Ivanka should give up all those trademarks she got from China just to show them that she doesn't want Trump's name branded on anything over there?

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The state of Illinois just got a plane load of PPE from China. Had to do it on the down low so the Feds wouldn’t intercept it. 
Just saw that on TV as well. The lengths states have to go to to get things before the feds confiscate them is ridiculous, but necessary.
You're right, despite incredibly cheap prices as a supplier I'm sure the US will instantly stop importing the $100B+ annually worth of computer mother boards, power generators, inverters, connectors, integrated circuits, capacitors, convertors as well as $100B+ of machines, engines, and pumps that are imported annually right now by the US because you say no one wants them anymore.  Do you just make up a prediction on the fly based on some feeling you have?