How long do you think it will take

for new and used sales prices of components made in China to collapse because nobody wants them? To judge by the level of denial I'm thinking by the end of the year. But curious to know if people think it might come even sooner than that?

The Chinese have been actively obstructing the CDC and Academic researchers from having free access in Wuhan to investigate the whys and the hows, not to mention trying to pin the blame on the U.S. Military.  I think that people could be more forgiving towards them if they acknowledge that yes it started there and helped be part of the solution.  Add in the fact that they control the supply chain issues resulting in failure to have PPE, and there may be some long lived anti Chinese sentiment.
The NBA and China already had a rocky relationship before the virus.  Google “Daryl Morley “
China’s OK except for a few minor issues like: human rights abuses, distain for safety, environmental or worker rights, corporate and governmental espionage, spying, distain for intellectual property, copyrights or patents law, largest producer of counterfeit everything, Infiltration of foreign governments, producer of most of the last 6 or 7 world epidemics, corporations and educational institutions, totalitarian communist oppressions of its citizens, deceitful trade practices, currency manipulation, oppressions and bullying of other countries, institutions and corporations, and a general attitude of attaining global dominance at any and all costs. Other than the above, they’re pretty great...
So China is pretty bad, but what separates them from the actions of any country as it undergoes nation building?  Wars, genocides, slavery, colonialism, famines, epidemics, forced population migrations, religious persecution, secret police, etc.  Are the U.S., Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, France or Japan any less innocent?  Apparently "progress" is very messy with tens of millions dead bodies in the rear view mirror.