How long does Class A have?

Hi Guys/Gals
 I have a Sugden A21SE which is a Pure Class A single ended design, I absolutely love this musical amplifier with its strangely plentiful 30wpc, it runs hots as they do, I always enjoy watching the faces of my uninitiated friends when they touch it after I mention they get hot, lol.
But in this modern green era I wonder just how long do Class A amplifiers have before Greta Thunberg gets wind of this inefficient method of creating sound and pisses on the parade?

Who knows maybe even the micro-pellet nuclear reactors will come into vogue. :)


Popular mechanics last year had an issue that spoke of small neighborhood reactors.. The cool thing, it alluded to being VERY safe..
Rod disposal is the issue. I think this addressed it.. The Russians already have one that is floating just for energy production with minimum waste.. In winter months when BTU drops on natural gas, these guys pick up the slack without the carbon footprint increase to meet severe winter demands. Good idea.. Sure beats the Fukushima cover up.. Is that what Russia uses them for? I’d doubt it..

Sink it.. Problem gone.. Just have to worry about Godzilla’s, nephew or something..

Class A will never go away.. Just ME away from it. I don't miss my little heaters.. I'm on class Ds for another month and on to class A, A/B valves through the fall, winter, and spring.. To darn hot for the inland Bay Area.
20 degrees difference between where I live and the coast.. Over 110 a few times through the summers here..


class a will be dead and gone in a matter of a few years

allow me to spare you the indignity of owning a hot mess of a doorstep

pm me, i will buy it at a steep discount from msrp... i am feeling charitable today, i will do it as a favor to you

Yeah Sugden .. a big fan .. P and C 51’s and also 2 integrated in the Past.

They are energy efficient as they do multiple tasks. Amplification and heating in 1 unit, how good is that !!! Perfect for cold climates, though lets not mention hot locations. These class D things can only do one thing ... pftttt

As others say sling a solar panel or 3 on your roof and you are instantly green and world luv’d .. I have 15Kw burbling along on my roof and am anxiously waiting for the day Batteries are actually cost effective !!

When you think of upgrading look at the Accuphase Class A amps, I now run an A70 behind a Supratek Dual DHT pre, BTW another valve heating unit !!
Long Live Class A and may your Class A amp continue to be a blessing.

Enjoy and stop worrying and dreaming about Greta .. Lol ..
Why don't manufacturers list the amount of amps (current) their amplifiers and receivers put out.  It is nothing to do with watts.  It all has to do about current.

I think they hide this number because they know their amplifiers do not produce much current.

Wonder why this group doesn't talk about this?