How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?

I can't believe that threads started in June 2000 and before are still going. Boy do I feel old.....

"Best female vocals on CD" 521 Posts, Started 6/4/04.

"Audiogon "RECORDINGS TO DIE FOR" List" 291 Posts. Started 1/14/01.

"Who Is Your Overall Favorite Guitarists" 354 Posts. Started 1/04/03.

"What's On Your Turntable Tonight" 1234 Posts, Started 3/4/04.

Where are all of the the Audiogoner Old Timers?

How long have YOU been on Audiogon?
geeze . . . I'm still a newbie. Nov. 2004, but that's long enough to watch many changes, including who the "old timers" are. Sadly, 'gon is missing some of the authorities, as well as some of the "Audio Comediologists" who posted regularly a few years ago.
I've really curtailed my forum participation here for a variety of reasons but still pretty active buying & selling. Like so many others, I lurked here for awhile before I signed on back in 2000.
Member since September 1999.
Started visiting ca. 6 months before that.
I've been in a roller coaster ride due to stressful life changes (job) and building a business from zero.....
Music has been along the journey through my unchanged equipment (been packed at one time for 2 years) but used a simple setup for enduring the toughest part of the storm.

Yes long time, many people had come and go, some funny others too "energetic" about their positions.

I've been reading threads now and then but sometimes don't feel that motivated to post..... so I've been around but in "stealth mode". It may happen to others as well.