How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?

I can't believe that threads started in June 2000 and before are still going. Boy do I feel old.....

"Best female vocals on CD" 521 Posts, Started 6/4/04.

"Audiogon "RECORDINGS TO DIE FOR" List" 291 Posts. Started 1/14/01.

"Who Is Your Overall Favorite Guitarists" 354 Posts. Started 1/04/03.

"What's On Your Turntable Tonight" 1234 Posts, Started 3/4/04.

Where are all of the the Audiogoner Old Timers?

How long have YOU been on Audiogon?
Almost 10 years. I completed my first transaction in December of 1998 and I'm now approaching 400. Hard to believe.
Holy Crap! I too am an old koot. I've been a member since May of 09.
My how time flies. But I've got a lot of good stuff here and dealt with some really nice folks.
Y'all keep it up.
April 2000 is when I finally signed up but had been viewing for a year or so before that.