How loud are you typically listening?

Typically 75 to 80dB.  Really loud is 90dB and I'm never over, and I mean never, 95dB.  I'm using a professional SPL meter, C weighted, slow response.  Just curious.
Average for me is 78-85DB.  I also use my trusty Radio Shack meter, bought in the 70’s.  It is more accurate than the one for the iPhone and iPad.  
I do a lot of my listening in the evening or night. My wife is usually in the living room or bedroom,so I try to keep it civilized. Right now I'm listening at approximately 65db. Later at night this will be turned down to 55-60. If I'm home alone,I'll pick up the pace to 75-80 db. 
Never checked till now.  Downloaded the app while listening to Stormwatch/Tull album on a Bose Mini II Soundlink located 8 feet away.
Gage read 69db average.  Higher than I would have guessed.  
My wife seems to usually come in to the main stereo room and say, "That sounds freakin; awesome.  Turn it up!!"  
Damn hippie relics, never wanna quit.   :>)