How loud are you typically listening?

Typically 75 to 80dB.  Really loud is 90dB and I'm never over, and I mean never, 95dB.  I'm using a professional SPL meter, C weighted, slow response.  Just curious.
Depends on mood and material.... whisper soft sessions (20-30dB average volume) in the late night / early hours are my favorite. I do get up at 3-4AM from time to time for these sessions.
During daytime, about 50dB average volumes on the average for the past 20 years.My system now allows to rock out yours truly. Mahler symphonies with 110dB peaks, or Prodigy and modern electronic music at volume where the air and reality seems to melt and your body feels as if about to go into shock (about 100dB sustained with 120+dB peaks). And include the subsonic region at that, in my room it's strong down to 14Hz, but there is action down to 11Hz. This is beyond addictive. I never had a chemical addiction, but electronic music like this is beyond addictive, I am SOOOO glad I did not have this sound when I was younger, would have been hopelessly addicted and wasted. Nowdays, I like to go through a couple hours of sessions like that, maybe twice a week, and then abstain for a week or two or three. Curiously, it does not hurt the ears, and no ringing next day. The distortion is vanishingly low, the ears do not signal that it's too much. However the subsonic bass takes a very high toll on the body, it feels next day as if I was in a car crash. (Audio Heavens bless my good neighbors... ; )
Lately I’ve been listening to jazz as I’ve been working on the new to me house, so it’s been 80+.  When I’m sitting listening, it’s normally 65-75db.