How Loud Do You Listen??? Do You Know?????????

I found myself having to re-balance the speakers in my HT today….. well, I have both the digital and analog Radio Shack meters (wouldn’t have bought the analog…but thought the Great Dane had eaten the digital one so….). well, I sat around tonight after setting up the Halloween decorations listening to music….. and had the SPL meters out…….

I must say I was surprised to find out that I was listening to music @ 94 dBs! (FWIW It was Elton John Funeral For a Friend, SACD). I know I have demo’d my system for friends at much higher volumes… I’m afraid to document the levels there…….

I must admit, my stereo/HT handled this level perfectly! I could have gone louder…if I needed, but I just don’t think I do!!!

I’m curious if any of you have documented how loud you listen to your tunes at??

FWIW I don’t normally listen at this level…it was a good day….

Why don't you buy an SPL meter so you know what you're talking about :). $50 well spent and you'll learn something about you and your system!

It really isn't all that philosophical and although different music will create a range you are correct....the keyword is Average and you'll find you have a sweet spot where you typically play the system. That sweet spot could define a limitation in your system and room size also music preferences.

Using an SPL meter is a great way to buy speakers, you'll be shocked how loud you can listen to one speaker and the next speaker is doing all sorts of nasty stuff that makes it sound 10 times louder at the same SPL.

PS: 88-94dB
Mostly 75-85db at my listening position, add some refreshments to the mix and I'll crack the 90's.

90db. and above is very loud in my room.

It varies with the presence of my mate. For some reason it's always louder with her absence. I'll have to pick one of those meters from Rat-Shack.
Very good question. What level of loudness you listen to can greatly alter speaker preference. I usually like to listen at about 70-80 dB.