How loud is loud?

Seems like a rhetorical question, but I'm curious what other folks think is "ok, now that's loud"

For me, if something's hitting 100dB as measured from where I'm seated while listening, and not just for a brief moments, but with some regularity, that's loud.

I used to listen at higher average volume than I do these days. Typically, I'm finding that at the right volume, the recording is more nuanced then when it's running full throttle.

If I'm not mistaken, the late Peter Walker observed that every recording has it's one correct or optimum playback level. I think generally he was correct, though once we are willing to forge optimum there's a range of acceptable.
It is irrelevant since they measured the db level from their listening position. Whatever the speaker is rated at, say 90db/W/m, is just that, the speakers output. I guess if it where lower, the listener would have to increase the volume to get the db level they want at the listening position. I'm at a loss to see your point...
Especially since the focus of this thread is on what's too loud for listening. All that matters is the SPL at the listening position. 90dB/W/m is a measure of a speaker's efficiency, not how loud it is when you listen.
dB/W/m is an efficiency spec. Not a "how loud is it" spec. That's what dB alone is for. You're grappling really tightly onto an incorrect argument.
Hello everyone,
I do get Bombaywalla's point, distance from the speaker is a factor and a relevant variable. If you sit 5 feet from your speakers vs say 12 feet, the SPL in db will change as a result of the distance. That's all he is pointing out.