How many LP's do you own? How long did it take?

I started to collect vinyl in the late 80's, after it was demonstrated to me (to my ears) that vinyl sounded better than cds. I was fortunate at the time that people were dumping their vinyl collections. I was able to buy great LP's in mint condiiton for .10 cents each or so at garage sales...My have things hve changed. The vast majority of LPs I buy now are new and cost between $14 to $50 bucks each. Used LP'P's can go for more if its rare. So, how many LP's do you own and how long did it take you to amass your collection? I currently have about 2000 LPs.
Like Lewn i have approx. 2000 LP's and that is way too many. Indeed, only a selected 10% (or fewer) get play time. I still buy audiophile LP's here and there but nothing more. I don't do yard sale or estate sale so that i can cram 8000 LP's in my basement that i will never play. I refuse to be a record hoarder. All my 2000 LP's have been played at least once although many have not played in over 30 years. Bought my 1st LP in 1978. It was Deep Purple Made in Japan. What an album. I got into Jazz 15 years ago and this is what i listen to now. I have about 700 Jazz LP's. Also have some Hirez download on my Mac but that is very small in comparison to my LP collection.

For those who knew Jeff Healy (RIP), he was a Jazz fanatic and had amassed a collection of 28,000 78 rpm Jazz album from the 20's to the 40's in just over 20 years. He was an avid trumpet player as well.
I find it interesting nearly everyone has 100's or 1000's of lps they dont listen to at all. If you dont listen to them, why have them? Would you sell or donate the ones not listened to? If not, does it make you a "collector?"
How do you guys with 6,000-18,000 LPs store them? Alphabetically on shelving, prefab racks, crates or boxes? I have about 2,000 and currently am having custom shelving built to hopefully 2,000-3,000.
"If you dont listen to them, why have them?" I keep mine because having them affords me the possibility of listening to them "some day". And it very often does happen that I go delving in to shelves that have not been disturbed in quite a while in order to hear something different from my usual fair. I am my own music server.