How many lps before you like it

Your favorite groups LPs how many have you had to go through before you found that magic one.
For me i love the Moody Blues i have bought quite a few. and still looking,
Blood Sweat and Tears i have three 360 columbia's that are real close and sound very good.
Beatles i give up i cant top my MFSL except for a great copy of Abby Road.
Elton john Tumbleweed Connection it took 5 and i have a copy thats very pleasing. and Mad Man Across the Water i have settled for a DCC copy so far after several US pressings.
Chicago Transit Authority i have a Columbia 360 thats OK still looking. Of coarse to many more to list.
Its a fact that one LP will sound better than another. one more of the things that make analog LP collecting and listening fun.
Hey R_f_sayles at the recent 2007 New Orleans Jazz Festival. Van the man Morrison put on one super fine performance. We got almost one and a half hours of vintage Van. He was on my list of must having to see. a Great Show indeed.
Hlmiii my understanding is the 78 UK set is hit and miss on sound. i have a copy and my MFSL is better. but it aint bad thats for sure.
Hopping other audiogoners give us there pursuit of the best they can get LPs of there favorite performers.
Stltrains -
There are about three pressings/runs of the "78 UK set" if that is what you mean by what I referred to as the "Blue Box." There was the initial run of a few thousand. When EMI found out how popular it was even at the initially high price, the company produced at least two additional runs. (Which of course instantly devalued the high prices we over-anxious idiots paid the first time through :-( ) The subsequent pressings weren't as good overall for some reason.
Glad you like the MoFi product. They do sound excellent and are preferred by a lot of people, including hardcore Beatles collectors. My UK preference is based upon the fact that the MoFi pressings do not sound the same as the UK pressings. But they are a LOT quieter!
Hlmiii i am tring to learn about first pressing and what stamper was used, this looks to be a very tough subject to learn anything about.
Is there any way to tell which 78 set is which?
thanks Mike