How many Maggie owners have special stands?

I have recently put cinder blocks and top of my Maggie stands and am amazed at the improvement. The midrange became the main focus of the sound (not the bass) and the speakers came alive in the midrange in a way that I could not achieve with amps or wire.

I want to take my stands to the extreme now and make them absolutely rigid.

My questions are:

What is everyone else doing and how does it affect the sound?

Has anyone run posts from the floor to the ceiling and attached the speakers to them?

Maybe the second question is not necessary but you get the idea, I am convinced this is the kind of improvment Maggie owners want, more 'snap' and micro dynamics is what I hear.

Phil- I have not tried new stands per se, I know there is a lot of untapped performance just waiting to be captured from Sound Anchors or Mye stands- I am not sure how long I will keep the 3.6's for but I am thinking about getting new stands, in the mean time I have found a nice improvement by shiming up the the rear "feet" a little- thus tipping the speaker forward a little bit(not too much) it seems to help imaging, soundstage, bass, I was really very shocked. Worth a try, just don't go too far!
I have my 3.5s on Sound Anchor stands. I HIGHLY RECOMEND replacing the oe stands. The Sound Anchor stands use turnbuckles to adjust the angle of the speakers (5 degrees forward seems to be the majic #) similar to Tireguys idea. The aftermarket stands also allow you to couple the speakers to the floor which helps out the bass. Most ads that have included the aftermarket stands have gotten thier investment back with a little higher selling price(but why would you want to sell them?)
Thanks Tim and Banksfriend

Tim I know you have been in audio nirvana for a while with your setup and thought of you when I did this. Hold on to your shorts as this is a stunning improvment - at least with the 1.6s. Maybe the 3.6s have better stands and there is not as much of an improvement? I have tried the tipping forward and I agree about the improvement, it seems to bring the mids to more prominence (also better balance) for me.

I think the improvment is far more than just better bass with more weight (and/or better stands I am sure). There is a more palpable and immediate quality. I will someday make or buy some stands and report back.

Just thought I would share my findings and hope to hear more.
I enjoyed my Maggie IIIAs for 14 years and I was always amazed at how minor tweaks to the stands, and placement, affected the sound. I had the best results when I placed Walker Valid Points under them. I have switched to Proac 3.8s but I still have the Maggies. I have contemplated designing my own stands and having my local machine shop build them.
Recently I have been using Mye sound stands with MG-1.6's with great success. These should be standard equipment for the speakers. They allow precise height and tilt control and a mid-panel brace that prevents "flapping" that sometimes occurs on bass transients. Highly recommended.
Part of the value of Maggies over standmounts,etc is that stands are not required...I am not discounting the above comments...but the real key area(and has always been) with Mags is speaker placement...especially in the rear....when set up correctly...the need for any additional the case of the really a non-issue...
phasecorrect thanks for the response but can you explain what you mean about: speaker placement...especially in the rear

What does that mean? the distance from the back wall to the speaker? or maybe it means sound treatment?

I agree that placement is critical but when better sound of this magnitude is available by improving the stands it is an issue for me.
When set up correctly...that is 3-4 ft behind the speakers...and a good 2-3 ft. away from side walls...the need for additional stands is diminished...the overall soundstage doesnt change...especially in regards to depth...and imaging with Mags has always been good regardless of speaker depth....I would personally invest more in amps,sources,and cables than monkey with stands that Magnepan doesnt endorse....
If you want to try something then use the method that is width of front wall times .246 to determine distance from the side walls and front wall length time .447 to determine distance from the front wall. I saw this in a recent discussion and the link is to see it. I tried it and it was very interesting the difference. My front wall is a little over 15' in length so my speakers are approx. 51" from the sides and approx 81" from the front wall. With my seating area centered approx 85" inches from the speakers which is the same distance as the speakers are apart from each other. If you get a chance try it some time.

It is interesting because that is almost where my speakers are now, the width is perfect and they are a little farther back than your formula suggests which for me is for more midrange warmth (after a lot of experimenting I can tell you).

Also an interesting setup to try is HPs 'rule of thirds' which is to put the speakers 1/3 of the length of the room out from the back wall and 1/3 of the width apart. I have tried this and it results in a very cohesive sound with unbelievabley tight bass, dynamics are improved and the speakers really seem to get out of the way of the music. It is just not a reasonable setup in my narrow and long room however.

I has someone tell me that he put 1.6s in the middle of the room (out from the back wall) and measured them to 35hz!

I mantain however that improved stands are a big plus, the sonic improvment is one you cannot get with amps and wire.

I had my 2.7QR speakers in the same position you had them for a long time. In my room and with my system the soundstage was a lot smaller. Although I have not done any room treatments yet I am currently having Rives give me suggestions on tweaking it. I am looking forward to getting the room set up and them hearing the difference.

I am not sure if I am going to hang onto this system after going to the CES show and hearing some great stuff. I would like to get more body, fuzz or whatever it is called out of the music. Anyway, it will take me a while to get there and will continue to enjoy the endeavor.
Is the distance from the side walls measured from the outer edge, or the middle, of the speaker? I have Magneplanar 3.6´s.

How are you? We have exchanged emails in the past.

I measure from the middle of the speakers with my 1.6s.

BTW I am really loving my AZ Hologram speaker wire, clearly a step up from the Satori in my setup.

take care

Thanks Phil, everything is hunky dory. I´ve heard a lot of good things about the AZ cables but I haven´t tried them myself, I´m still curious about those Kimber Select snakes.
Are your Maggies biwired?
The Mye stands are one of the most significant upgrades I have done for my hifi system and no Magnepan speaker should be without them. The music has been improved across the spectrum and the speakers are far more stable.

The struts attached toward the top of the panels provide more rigidity than just improved bases attaching at the bottom. The pictures of the 3.6 on the website are my speakers. The precise fit and powdercoat finish are first rate. There are no extra holes drilled or modifications required to fit the stands.

The photos show Satori speakers cables that have since been replaced with Audience Au24. Another very worthwhile upgrade.

Thanks for the tip, I went to the page you mention and they actually say .276 not .246. I decided to try their exact recommendations which moved my seat a few feet closer and the speakers are now within a 1/4 inch of the specified formula. I think this may be the best my stereo has ever sounded, the bass seems to be in perfect balance with the mids and highs and quite dynamic too, also the tone of the mids is quite good, (still a little thin - but I think that is my stereo not the setup). Also the imaging is very good. Who wudda thunk you could sit close with Maggies?

Hasse, no I have a single run of wire as I think it makes more sense to get the best wire and a single run instead of cheaper wire in bi wire.

Eagle, I like the design of Mye stands but how do they attach at the top if you do not drill holes and use screws.

thanks guys :)
Philjolet, Grant Vander Mye developed a clamp for the edge of the maggies or the option of using the stile screws to attach the struts to pre-existing holes with the 3.6. For the 1.6 there is an edge clamp which is shown on the website.
Magnepan stands
I've had Maggies for years. The MG-IIIA's I'm running now I've had for almost 3 years. I'd been considering new speakers. Verity, Dunlavy, or Von Schwiekert. As always money was tight so instead of new speakers I called Grant and ordered some Mye Sound stands about a month ago. I'm sure glad I did. I saved a ton of money and got the Maggie sound I was after. Bass is deeper and hits harder. Mid's are smooter and the soundstage locked down like I didnt believe possible.

Sorry Phasecorrect, but you are incorrect. The stands are a very worthwhile upgrade. I think Magnepan would endorse them if they werent designing to a price point. All it takes is a quick listen. You will be very pleasantly surprised. I was!