How many Maggie owners have special stands?

I have recently put cinder blocks and top of my Maggie stands and am amazed at the improvement. The midrange became the main focus of the sound (not the bass) and the speakers came alive in the midrange in a way that I could not achieve with amps or wire.

I want to take my stands to the extreme now and make them absolutely rigid.

My questions are:

What is everyone else doing and how does it affect the sound?

Has anyone run posts from the floor to the ceiling and attached the speakers to them?

Maybe the second question is not necessary but you get the idea, I am convinced this is the kind of improvment Maggie owners want, more 'snap' and micro dynamics is what I hear.

I have my 3.5s on Sound Anchor stands. I HIGHLY RECOMEND replacing the oe stands. The Sound Anchor stands use turnbuckles to adjust the angle of the speakers (5 degrees forward seems to be the majic #) similar to Tireguys idea. The aftermarket stands also allow you to couple the speakers to the floor which helps out the bass. Most ads that have included the aftermarket stands have gotten thier investment back with a little higher selling price(but why would you want to sell them?)
Thanks Tim and Banksfriend

Tim I know you have been in audio nirvana for a while with your setup and thought of you when I did this. Hold on to your shorts as this is a stunning improvment - at least with the 1.6s. Maybe the 3.6s have better stands and there is not as much of an improvement? I have tried the tipping forward and I agree about the improvement, it seems to bring the mids to more prominence (also better balance) for me.

I think the improvment is far more than just better bass with more weight (and/or better stands I am sure). There is a more palpable and immediate quality. I will someday make or buy some stands and report back.

Just thought I would share my findings and hope to hear more.
I enjoyed my Maggie IIIAs for 14 years and I was always amazed at how minor tweaks to the stands, and placement, affected the sound. I had the best results when I placed Walker Valid Points under them. I have switched to Proac 3.8s but I still have the Maggies. I have contemplated designing my own stands and having my local machine shop build them.
Recently I have been using Mye sound stands with MG-1.6's with great success. These should be standard equipment for the speakers. They allow precise height and tilt control and a mid-panel brace that prevents "flapping" that sometimes occurs on bass transients. Highly recommended.
Part of the value of Maggies over standmounts,etc is that stands are not required...I am not discounting the above comments...but the real key area(and has always been) with Mags is speaker placement...especially in the rear....when set up correctly...the need for any additional the case of the really a non-issue...