How many monthly kilowatt hours, including hi-fi, do you use?

I’m proud to say my monthly kilowatt usage is approximately 400 kWh and rises to 450 or so in the summer with air conditioning. Each night use about 4 kwh for my audio gear which includes 30 tubes mostly in amplifiers. Yes this is the worst of my sins using a tube amplifier.

Curious if you know how much you use and if so how much is it?

I’m a big proponent of conserving electricity to help out the planet.


Approx. 250 kWh/month (2 bed/bath apartment billed on Southern California Edison).

A/C in the living room will bump it up in a few months (run it 4-5 hours on hot days).

I'm down to a few dozen incandescent bulbs and will try more efficient types soon (did not care for the light quality of the early versions so hopefully this has improved over the years).

Energy usage/conservation is an important issue in California just as it is world wide.





Actually, the pool accounts for only about 10% of my electrical demand since I switched my  main pump to a variable speed model, but it's still a 3HP unit, so power hungry at full speed. (There's a separate 1.5HP single speed pump for the water effects, but we only run that one when we're using the pool.

Yeah, there's a lot going on with my system, which is set up as a playback studio. The total RMS power capability of all the amps comes up to about 7.5KW, but I use about 10% of that most of the time. Still there's some power dissipated as heat.

The house's primary power demand comes from the two large air conditioners, a 4-ton and a 3.5-ton, that run basically all year round. Budget billing lands at $375/ month every month. ☹

Fortunately, power generation here is mostly from the Palo Verde nuclear plant, plus some hydro-electric from Lake Mead. 😊

I dont know...

My audio systems are working 12 hours each day at least probably more 15 hours ...


I hate noise as the OP does but i dont mind about electricity when i use computer or music listenings ...

Planet is doomed by corporate hubris not by ordinary people listening music ...

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Looks like I am in the 4-600 kilowatt range, small condo but I listen a ton not sure how much hifi contributes to that total.