How many monthly kilowatt hours, including hi-fi, do you use?

I’m proud to say my monthly kilowatt usage is approximately 400 kWh and rises to 450 or so in the summer with air conditioning. Each night use about 4 kwh for my audio gear which includes 30 tubes mostly in amplifiers. Yes this is the worst of my sins using a tube amplifier.

Curious if you know how much you use and if so how much is it?

I’m a big proponent of conserving electricity to help out the planet.


I dont know...

My audio systems are working 12 hours each day at least probably more 15 hours ...


I hate noise as the OP does but i dont mind about electricity when i use computer or music listenings ...

Planet is doomed by corporate hubris not by ordinary people listening music ...

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Looks like I am in the 4-600 kilowatt range, small condo but I listen a ton not sure how much hifi contributes to that total.

1200 kWh including EV charging last month.  For the same month a few years ago without an EV charging, I used 200 kWh.  I don't know how many kWh were attributed by using the audio system, but I don't care. I turn on and listen anyway.

550-650kw during the Winter and 600-900kw during the summer when the AC is running. I have a 2 story home.  Electricity in the Northeast is VERY expensive.