How many monthly kilowatt hours, including hi-fi, do you use?

I’m proud to say my monthly kilowatt usage is approximately 400 kWh and rises to 450 or so in the summer with air conditioning. Each night use about 4 kwh for my audio gear which includes 30 tubes mostly in amplifiers. Yes this is the worst of my sins using a tube amplifier.

Curious if you know how much you use and if so how much is it?

I’m a big proponent of conserving electricity to help out the planet.


The whole green thing is bogus and a political power grab.

Go for a long run in Delhi or Beijing and you may think differently.

Interdasting question. However, if you keep track of such things, then you probably can’t afford the hobby. Homey don’t give a sh*t how much juice it takes. ;)

I own an EV and drive about 6,000 miles per year. Some stats on my electrical usage:

12-month rolling average usage: 460.25 kWh

12-month rolling average bill: $25.73
12-month rolling average price per kWh: $ 0.0471
Highest price per kWh in last 5 years: $ 0.07083
Least price per kWh in last 5 years: $ 0.03171
Greatest monthly usage in last 5 years: 961 kWh (August 2022)
Largest monthly bill in last 5 years: $60.30 (August 2022)
Least monthly usage in last 5 years: 165 kWh (April 2021)
Smallest monthly bill in last 5 years: $11.10 (May 2021)

I LOVE my local municipal electric company! Each month I pay just for electricity used plus a fixed customer charge, currently $4.67, and zero additional fees.

I don't worry about leaving gear or lights on.