How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present

Sometimes when I dream, imagining of replacing my current 1997 Burmester 961 speakers, before maybe COVID19 is sending me to an early grave - I'm practically only stumbling on ugly often even like somehow crippled looking speaker creations.
Test will say, sounding fantastically gorgeous and - looking like 💩. 
This, or par tout looking like some or other children's coffin ⚰. 😥👻

Not for the life of it, can I imagine ever having some such 'creation' invading my daily living space. Ever.

Talking 'bout a BAD WAF situation, I say.

Some makers are trying to improve on this tragic situation with creations looking far too anatomical or something alien👾 fruit thing hanging off a tree... handle an' all. 

Is there no hope out there at all...? 🤔

So can one savely move on forgetting about a replacement, still in this here life, and saving the money 💰 ?

Well, the budget <= max 20k $ lets say, so I won't risk starving before the lockdown will end ever. 😱 

😘 M. 🇿🇦 
Also these Karma Elegance (two way speakers) have my vote for a case of:
'what looks good, works well...' 
The reviews certainly give that idea too. Big time.
(Only $1000 odd over $20k...😉) 

Michélle 🇿🇦 
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Please check out the GT Audio Works planar speakers which include the open baffle servo subs. The speakers are very unique in that they do not have a crossover on the main 6 foot panel and are the only open dipole speakers that utilize a proprietary membrane which is almost Kevlar like to prevent all distortion and resonance that you typically get with a planar or electrostatic speaker. Stereophile- reviewed them and stated they can go toe to toe with any speaker cost no object.
they are available in any color the customer so desires and even in a high gloss veneer.

Panels suggested YET AGAIN... 

As was already suggested:
Michélle 'don't chew her cabbage twice...' 

Sorry to disappoint 😥 

Eish 🇿🇦
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present