How many of you are digital only systems?

I currently have an all digital setup, streaming and stored digital files and ripped CD’s on my Innuos Zen mkIII via Chord Qutest to a PrimaLuna EVO 400i. I have been contemplating adding analog to my system, like a Clearaudio concept table. I am NOT hear to debate which one is better, so please don’t turn it into that, I understand the differences. How many of you are digital only? If you listen to digital as well, please tell me why. Is it because of sonic qualities or just the nostalgic reasons of spinning vinyl. I just don’t know if I want a turntable because it would be new gear to play with or if I think it has sonic qualities that I am missing with digital. I would have to buy new vinyl as I really only have a few of my albums from when I was teenager in the 80’s. Maybe I should just put the money towards upgrading digital components, even though I love my Qutest/Zen combo, I could move up in their line?? Am I missing something truly special in the audio world if I’m all digital? Thanks for your thoughts 
All digital here. Got my modded out R2R dac, good streaming rates, and a carefully kitted room. No need to change. And I’ve heard vinyl, grew up on vinyl. Not really worth it for me, and I’m not alone. Those who insist we're deficient because of this prove something else entirely.
Again, somebody doesn't know what they are talking about in regards to RTR. RTR has a 3-3/4 speed not 3.5. BTW: I've owned a few 10" RTR 15ips decks and RTR sounds great at 15ips, ok at 7.5, and terrible at 3-3/4 and 1-7/8. Too hard to get tapes and too expensive to join the tape clubs. Sold my nice TT setup and all vinyl over a year ago and haven't regretted it
The digital side is only 192-24. I digitize the analog side.
All the equipment is analog.  Class D is only used for the sub-subs.
with caveat that my system is "mid fi" by many audiophile standards, you can put together a very nice sounding analog rig for a couple thousand, and far far less if you buy pre-owned. whether it meets your sound quality standards is something only you can answer, but in terms of "getting your feet wet" with something decent, imho the gear investment is not as crazy as many make it out to be. buying records to play will be the bigger expense. i know people who primarily stream day to day, but still buy their favorites on vinyl - to me this seems like the wise way to do it
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It is generally accepted that if sound quality and not convenience is your top priority, a well chosen analog rig will achieve higher sound quality at almost any price. This includes rigs in the $100K+ categories. While both analog and digital are both satisfying on my system: $34K analog vs $45 K digital, my analog rig sounds better.