How many of you believe in MQA?

I have recently purchased a Bluesound Node 2i.  The dealer suggested I connect the Bluesound by way of digital coax to a Pro-Ject S2 DAC by way of RCA anologue to my ARCAM AVR550.  However, I found out I will not be able to control my Bluesound with an iPhone, iPad or PC notebook.  The only way to hear MQA completely unfolded is to plug in a computer USB.  This would mean I would have to get up from where I am sitting, go to the computer to change songs and albums.  I believe the Pro-Ject RS2 DAC would work, but not sure what the sales price is or if this is a good option.

The dealer asked me why I wanted to even bother listening to MQA completely unfolded when the DAC sounded better than the DAC inside the Bluesound.  He thinks MQA is way over rated and it may not be around a year from now.  If I hook things up with the Pro-Ject S2 DAC I will be able to hear one unfold which would be at 24 bit/88.2 kHz.  If I do this, I will be giving up the opportunity to hear MQA recordings recorded at 24 bit/96 kHz or 24 bit/192 kHz.  

How many of you are enbracing MQA?  
No one has explained why connecting a Bluesound (MQA certified device) to a Pro-Ject S2 (also MQA certified device) by way of digital coax cable destroys the full unfolding of MQA when both devices are MQA certified.  
Hi Larry,

From a digits point of view, nothing wrong with that.  MQA is just FLAC with additional data hidden in the stream.

The issue of getting MQA all the way out has to do with licensing and design choices, not always sure which.

If your streamer gets MQA and unfolds it, it will destroy the MQA envelope in the process. The DAC won't receive MQA stream, just normal high resolution.

The trick is to get your streamer to request MQA but leave it alone for the DAC to completely unfold.
I don't think it's fair to judge the sound quality of MQA based on a BlueSound Node 2.  No offense but the old saying 'you get what you pay for' is in effect here. 

I can tell you that me and many friends who have listened to MQA on my dCS Rossini agree that the sound quality of MQA tracks using TIDAL sound noticeably better than the same TIDAL tracks in Redbook format.  Even on my 2nd system where I use a NAD M10 integrated streamer/DAC/amp, the MQA tracks sound better.  FWIW, both the dCS Rossini and NAD M10 perform full MQA decoding. 

The MQA naysayers will point to the fact that MQA is a lossy format.  I think the same could be said for most digital formats. The best way to judge is to let your ears tell you what you prefer. But it's got to be on a decent DAC or streamer so it's a fair fight.

Good mqa sounds fantastic, I don’t need an engineer to tell me this. I’ll bet the same people that put down mqa put down SACD, dsd, and hires too. Each of these formats when done right all sounded much better than redbook, not a subtle improvement either. 
But you also need quality equipment to hear the difference. This goes with cable comparisons, cartridge comparisons, and everything else.

This goes with most anything in audio. Say you want to evaluate a $500  cartridge and a $15,000 cartridge on a $500 music hall turntable. Do you really think your going to hear a big difference? Or, perform this same test using a $200 phono preamp. The best sound you are going to get is what the $200 phono preamp will get you or what the music hall turntable can provide.
The best sound you receive will be as good as your weakest link will provide.


I wonder if you are familiar with the Bel Canto eOne streamer.  A Bel Canto dealer told me the Bluesound is an applance and the Bel Canto an audiophile piece.  For triple the price, could I have heard a significant difference.

At the dealer where I purchased my Bluesound Node 2i, he told me to connect the Bluesound using Audioquest Carbon digital coax to a Pro-Ject S2 DAC because the Pro-Ject DAC is better than the DAC inside the Bluesound.  I traded my 40 year old speakers for the cable and the DAC and after I got things connected at home, I think the Bluesound played by itself sound better and warmer when playing an MQA song on TIDAL.  If I decide to throw away the cable and the DAC I am out about $600 total.

What would you do in my position.  I just purchased a pair of S3 Rel subs and my budget is just so much.