How many of you had been to all 50 states of United States.

Most audiophiles enjoy staying at home with nice sound out of their system.

I had been to 39 states including Alaska and Hawaii.

I had not been to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississppi yet.

But I will go through North Carolina and South Carolina to audition the speakers next week.

So there will be only 9 states left.

Since I am a photographer, I can make excuse to visit those 9 states.

I wish to get Motor home and drive through all of them again except Hawaii some day.

It is not very practical to bring Motor home to Hawaii just for few days' trip.

It is not cold around Seattle during winter time.

But it rains too often.

I will visit Disney World in Florida with my family next Monday.

Then I will drive from Orlando to Charlotte, NC to audition the following speakers on 18th, Friday.

I consider driving this high efficiency speaker (105db/W) with my Silbatone 300B SET amp.

I will report my impression after serious audition at his showroom with 300B SET monoblocks.

My wife and I are partial to the Colorado Rocky’s as we have been there 5 times.  The scenery is breathtaking and the mountains are big, not like the anthills in VT and NH. 
+1 on New Mexico 

White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and Bandelier are all must sees. 

41 states for me. 
I lived in Greenville SC for five years (1995 to 2000). It is a very nice area.