How many pair of speakers do you own?

Since I am a self proclaimed speaker nut, I was trying to justify to my wife that having 5 pair of speakers is normal for an audiophilic addict. Curious also about what type, Dynamic, Planar, Single Driver etc; If you are member of this sight, you probably have a mania towards some component or other. Mine is Loudspeakers, which I learned early are 70% of your system. To me they may be >> 80%

  • 7.5 pairs of B&W,Cornwall I'1s,3 subs,Bose 601 and that's just in my recroom theater,another 3 sets in my back bedroom buried

I meant not the Beryllium tweeter version.  I never got  the upgrade bug with these.

I just couldn't find the right amp for them, over years of trying multiple tweaks and pre amps.    They are truly the best example of a analytical and highly detailed sounding speakers I have owned .

The Best pre for them turned out to be a  two 6SN7 - AE-3 from Cary's sub brand AES that cost me all of $350 used.  When I finally  tried some tube power amps in my case mono blocs, when Joe T was importing Consonance products. The world of great music suddenly appeared.  Yep just some crazy good sounding Chinese Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocs, with 4 EH 6CA7s in each and  NOS input and driver tubes.  I don't think the rest of their stuff is nearly as good, there is something in the trannies and circuit they used for these amps.

8 pairs of Infinity speakers. 

IRS Beta
Renaissance 90
Kappa 7.1
Kappa 200
Kappa 9 (4 pairs) 

Over the past 35 years I have had over 300 different speaker models through my reference listening room, models, not brands. I currently have 3 different sets of speakers that I play with. Once I find a set of speakers that works better with my reference equipment I keep that set and eliminate one of the sets of speakers that I consider not as good a match to my set up. My preference for the past few years has been high efficiency speakers that are matched up well to the proper amplifier.