How many people here generally buy used?

Just curious. Most of my equipment I purchased new. My Firstwatt J2 was a demo that I swear was new. Outside of a DAC where latest tech may be desired, buying used (if a fair price) seems to be a great way to purchase something you normally would not be able to afford. Of course, condition, care of component etc needs to be taken into consideration


"Still have tons of stuff that I never bothered to sell when I “moved up”."

That struck a chord with me. I had to think a bit and recollect some of the gear I've stashed away up in the attic or stuff that I'm not using anymore.

At the very least there's a pair of decent Tannoy floorstanders, a pair of Rega bookshelves, 1 Denon tapedeck, 1 analogue tuner, 1 Panasonic VCR, one Dell PC monitor, tons of cables / interconnects, a couple of midi systems and small speakers. Oh, and a dozen headphones on top of all that.

To be honest if it wasn't for marriage and the kids, I'd have probably have accumulated a lot more. On the plus side, lacking the time or energy to stick them on eBay, I have tried to give stuff away for free to close friends or family.

Surprisingly, I found that people are generally very reluctant to accept audio gear (headphones excepted), even for free. It must just be us audiophiles who care for this stuff. 

The last resort for me nowadays is usually the charity shop. It's a nice feeling to get rid of something you definitely don't want to somebody who does want it. 

I might try to sell on eBay again, but it's difficult to justify all the time and effort for the money you will get back. My Rega speakers cost £450 new, but if I sold then now, what with a few marks and grille damage I'd be struggling to get £100 back.

Then there's that feeling, familiar to all hoarders, of not knowing when I might want to use them again. Even after years and years..

Thankfully my wife is less emotional and far more practical in these matters than me. I have seen sympathetic cases of people who have ended up almost buried under stuff they will never be able to move.

Just occurred to me that one of the great unsung qualities of digital storage must be the sheer amount of storage space it can save.
I have bought and sold a ton of gear over the years (check my feedback and you will see) as I enjoy trying out many different things and investigating system synergy, and in order to do it in a manner where I don't lose a ton of money, used in 8/10 condition or better is the only way to go. However, interestingly enough, the equipment I have kept the longest are pieces I bought new from a great dealer, Taylor at Goldprint Audio. If you ever want to get off the audio merry-go-round, he's a great place to do it! I can also recommend Bel Canto gear. Great sound and great people!
Enjoy the music and be safe, but hopefully, very soon, we'll be able to get back to it!
I bought a Cambridge Audio Azur R650 and Vincent SV237 and my prized used Marantz 2275 all used, in excellent condition. I had the Marantz 2275 restored a couple years ago and recently the Marantz had a stereo channel issue and I took it in to a local Audio Service repair and after the repair was complete; the technician told me he found the issue in a dirty pre-amp switch. He then told me that the Marantz 2275 sounded amazing and how well built amps they are and they tend to run cooler than most brands.  He then said he has worked on many Marantz through the years and the 2275 will come in a while and he was really impress with hearing the 2275 once again. The 2275 was not restored by the mentioned Audio Repair shop. The used audio mart allows you to purchase a awesome system at a lower budget and all three of my systems are used audio purchases. Chuck 
I usually try to buy used, simply because you can get more for your money. But, if I want a certain color or feature then I buy new at the best price I can obtain it.
Right now, I would say my system is about 50-50 new/used.