How many people here generally buy used?

Just curious. Most of my equipment I purchased new. My Firstwatt J2 was a demo that I swear was new. Outside of a DAC where latest tech may be desired, buying used (if a fair price) seems to be a great way to purchase something you normally would not be able to afford. Of course, condition, care of component etc needs to be taken into consideration

I always buy used, the stuff I like has been out of production for years.
Mac MC40 monoblocksAudio Research SP8 preampAltec Valencia speakersJVC QL-A7 TTI use a new Denon DL-103 cart on the TTDenon AU-340 SUTEverything has been either rebuilt or checked to see if it's up to spec.System sounds awesome.
I always try to buy used, with the caveat that I either know and trust the seller OR I can visit the seller to audition and check it out myself.My system is a mixture of items purchased both new and used but people need to realise that buying new and re selling in the near future will result in a 40-60% loss on the price paid.
All of my main gear i purchased new in the mid-80’s. I just recently purchased an Emotiva CD/DAC to replace my Carver CD player. My Bryston 1B preamp i picked up from ebay ($350.00 vs 1800.00 new in the early 90’s). Much of my gear i have 'used' while working in college from a local audio store and i was able to borrow it and take it home. As my finances improved, i was able to look into buying the gear i had used as a poor college student. Now i am a slightly better off near retiree but i have the gear i want. Well except for an SAE amplifier. 🙂
Speakers is usually worth buying used because you can afford a much higher end model at half price if you are patient.Also speaker tend to last very long so it's a very good investment.I got my Thiel CS 3.7s half price at the time.On the other hand i tend to buy my amps and sources new.When possible i try to buy straight from the distibutor to get the biggest discount, same for cables.