How many speakers and AMPS do you own, and why?

This question is one of curiosity, and those that answer or reply must have only one dedicated room in which they listen, no second systems set up etc..I'm generally wondering if I'm the only nut that has numerous pairs of speakers and amps (integrated and seperates). I find it hard to part with them, no rational reason why. Maybe I'm a hoarder, or maybe I'm a collector, or maybe I'm just insane. 


Excluding the full 7.1 MARTIN LOGAN speakers and 3 YBA power amps driving them in the mancave…

- 4 two-Channel systems = 8 speakers and three amps ( one set of speakers are active)

SIMPLE: I need them in different rooms

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Over a dozen at my home most are giant. I collect restore design and manufacture loudspeakers so that's why.