How many systems do you have?

one, two, more? 


Three separate systems:

1 - Living Room: 2-channel, old but tasteful SS gear from the late ’80s, Boston Acoustic A40 speakers (wonderful little 2-ways) + cheap subs. This is strictly for casual music during dinner parties & social gatherings

2 - Main Home Office System: Very complicated because the DAC has dual RCA outputs. One pair goes to an excellent preamp/headphone amp (Violectric V281) used as main system preamp + headphone amp. This path goes to an electronic crossover that feeds a big class D amp (for vintage KEF 103.2 speakers) + JL Audio 10" sub. 2nd path is a 2nd headphone amp. 2 people can listen to headphones at the same time on different paths.

3 - Side-System/Home Office: Another DAC with dual RCA outs feeding 2 headphone amplifiers (Headphone listening only).

Years ago I had a much bigger 2-channel system that engulfed the LR of our 1st house. Those were the days...

I think that I need an intervention. I have 12 systems. Three of them are in our upstairs bedrooms. They are 5.1 systems with modest surround receivers. All have decent bookshelf speakers as well. There is another home theater system with  Sonus Faber speakers and Marantz components in my family room. While it is predominantly a sound system for our large screen TV, it does a nice job with  stereo music as well.  I have two channel stereo systems in my living room, office (3 systems), and finished basement (Where there are four systems). Seven of the systems have turntables. All have CD or SACD players. five have streamers. There are extra components as well. At 64 years of age with several health problems, I have been contemplating downsizing. I will probably start moving some of the gear, however, it is more fun to collect it then to sell it.


Office: 2-channel & headphone vinyl/streaming rig

Family Room: 2.1 combo HT/music

Basement: 5.2.4 Home Theatre w/ in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and in-room subs

Master Bedroom: Naim Muso used for music & as a soundbar

Garage: obsolete pioneer receiver with old bookshelves I upgraded from elsewhere

So I’d say 5, but some may say only 1. The office system is all mine and my favorite… the rest are compromises to be used by the whole family, with the family room system easily getting the most use.  Hope to add some outdoor speakers for the patio this Spring/Summer. My wife couldn’t care less and is just as happy listening to an Alexa in the kitchen as any of the much better sounding systems… but she lets me have my fun.

Hey I think this thread saved me, I’ve got 4 systems and tend to feel slightly bad about having so much gear( I also have a few extra pairs of speakers, 2 extra receivers).

1.  A main theater system with an avr with 2 amps and a projector.


2. A small 3 speaker theater set up for the flat screen.


3. 2 channel main system 


4. 2 channel with bookshelves and is for swapping in components to compare.  It’s my hobby, but now that the mandates and restrictions seem to be going away, it’s time to reconnect and get out more.