How many systems do you have?

one, two, more? 


Hey I think this thread saved me, I’ve got 4 systems and tend to feel slightly bad about having so much gear( I also have a few extra pairs of speakers, 2 extra receivers).

1.  A main theater system with an avr with 2 amps and a projector.


2. A small 3 speaker theater set up for the flat screen.


3. 2 channel main system 


4. 2 channel with bookshelves and is for swapping in components to compare.  It’s my hobby, but now that the mandates and restrictions seem to be going away, it’s time to reconnect and get out more.

Multiple, enough gear to have six or seven systems. Not all in use at the same time. Only 2 in my home. 1 in my beach condo

I have three systems.  A "main" system, a bedroom system and a headphone rig.