How many systems ya got? and are they different

The question doesn't really say what I wanted but this would not fit: Do you own multiple systems? And if you do, are they priced in different cost ranges, do they sound different?

So many people have posted that their $5000 system soundes better than someone elses $10,000 system while that person says their $10,000 system sounds better than someone elses $50,000.

Are there people that have a $5,000 system and a $10,000, or $50,000, or $500,000 system? What are the differences between YOUR systems sonically?
Small system in living room. About $1,500 not counting the tv. Modified 10 year old 50 watt Harmon Kardon receiver, Meadowlark floorstand E series speakers. Surprisingly nice tonally and demensionally the speakers disappear. About $7,000 in reading, exercise room. Jolida JD-100, Marsh line stage, PS Audio HCA-2 modded, and Eminent Technology LFT8As. Has good bass, ok mids, highs are lacking. Room is about 22'x22'. Perhaps room is to big. Dedicated room about $25,000 Topaz isolation transformer 240v in 120v out,grounded separately from main panel, Room has its own breaker panel, Oracle alexandria table Morch arm Benz H20 cartridge, ARC PH3-SE phono stage,ARC LS-12 line stage, a pair of mono block McCormack DNA-1 modded by SMC to the Platinum level, and Essence 10A speakers. Very little to be disapointed with here. Great imsging, dynamics macro and micro, sence of presence it sounds so real, trying to get the bass as good. Almost there.
Good morning Up. I've got two different systems, one HT and one analog. It's hard to compare because they serve different purposes. Are you asking for retail cost when new or price paid (there could be a 40-60% difference)? Also mt HT has mostly newer equipment whereas amy analog rig is mostly vintage. Without question, they sound different.