How Many Turntables Have You Owned

As for me... My first that I can remember was a Webcor - part of their Holidy package. then... Garrard, Benjamin Miracord, Dual, Bogen, Thorens TD 124, and 121, Rek o Kut, LinnSondek, Grado, Rega, SME, VPI... I probably have forgotten a few
The Vestigial tonearm has to be the weirdest device I ever owned. It should not have worked well, and I really have no recollection of how it sounded. But I think it inspired the Dynavector 505/507, which certainly is a top level tonearm. The Vestigial also reminds me of the 47 Labs RS-A1, in terms of its unorthodox approach. I really bought the Transcriptors because I could not resist its coolosity (to borrow a word from the late Harvey Rosenberg).
I wonder if all you Vestigial guys owned the ADC (was that the name?) high compliance cartridge. That was the must own cartridge with that arm. (so I was lead to believe) My Transcriptor or as I called it the Gold Octopus was so sensitive I had to re adjust the tracking force depending on the sight variations in temperature in my house. I think I might have been setting the force to low. Could it have been 1/4 gram. I can't remember now.
Moved on to the Kenwood 500D, the white table direct drive, Had an infinity Black Widow arm (wish I still had that arm) . Boy those days were fun weren't they. Then came those cassette players. Ouch!!! Then came CD Players. Double Ouch!!!!
I did indeed have an ADC XLM at about the time I owned the Transcriptors/Vestigial, but I don't remember that there was any special association between the two. The XLM was just thought to be a great cartridge in those days. I once bought about ten XLMs in a local discount house, carried them on a plane trip to England, and sold them at about 40% profit to a dealer in London. (The deal had been arranged beforehand.) Just about the only time I've relished the wonders of buy low /sell high. The Black Widow tonearm comes up now and then on the Agon sale site and/or on eBay. Not as rare as the Vestigial, and probably a lot better sounding than the V.
I have absolutely no recollection of what cartridge I had with it. I am pretty sure it was not a Decca.