How Many Turntables Have You Owned

As for me... My first that I can remember was a Webcor - part of their Holidy package. then... Garrard, Benjamin Miracord, Dual, Bogen, Thorens TD 124, and 121, Rek o Kut, LinnSondek, Grado, Rega, SME, VPI... I probably have forgotten a few
Not too many:

Some Pacific Stereo Quadraflex housebrand TT
Sony PSX800

THEN A BUNCH OF CRAPPY CD PLAYERS-- which caused me to stop listening to music. Then 12 years ago I started again:

Music Hall MMF2
Rega P3
Rega P25
Linn LP12
Rek-o-Kut L34
Michell Orbe
Linn LP12
Amazon Model 2 (currently very happy!)
Yes, I have listened to them all. I think the Cosmos IV is the best overall, the Fat Bob is the most dynamic and the Delphi V is the most musical, if that helps. Those 3 are all very close.

Then it drops off to the delphi III, Alexandria and Sota Star III. Then to Empire, Sony, Project. In each group, the cartridge would be the deciding factor.

I use SME 309 and 345 on the Cosmos and Oracle, Audiomods IV on the Fat Bob.
Sansui SR-929; Rega P-3 custom mounted on a Mitch Cotter B-2 base; Harmon Cartoon ST-7; SOTA Sapphire; Micro Seiki RX-1500 FVG, Triangle Arts Signature.
A Systemdek IIX (I believe that's the right nomenclature), then Rega P3, then Maplenoll Athena, then Maplenoll Ariadne Signature, finally Thorens TD2030. The Ariadne was the longest run, at more than 20 years of great-sounding excellence. Barring anything unforeseen, I expect the Thorens to go as long.